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Quarentine Zone was an abomination.... Maybe it's about time bioware realised they're developing for a Star Wars game not WOW or some piss poor zombie BS rip-off title. Rubbish quest and for a first content update??

I bet the devs play WOW constantly just because they're so bereft of any actual Star Wars knoweledge or ideas/input.

Hey do remember that bit in the movies with all the zombies and aliens affecting people with a disease?? no I don't either.... the only infection here is the disease that BW are pushing on Star Wars fans.
Have you even DONE Taris yet?

The Rakghoul plague is straight out of KoTOR and not only canon, but long-standing canon at that. Heck, Troopers-

Do the world quests. It's not just "LOL, ZOMBIE PLAGUE"!
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