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Nice to see Bioware blatantly copying a superior MMO.
I did the Wrath event, was one of my favorites. This one's not nearly as bad- you don't turn into a rakghoul when the disease runs it's course- just explode in a mess and infect anything not vaccinated nearby.

Towards the end of the zombie event, I was part of the last line of defense for the last healer in Stormwind, and we'd end up with armies of plague zombies trying to finally finish the city off and leave it a death zone. Epic. And of course there were hordes of people whining.

About the game being different for a few days. About getting infected. About not being able to do the same thing they'd been grinding for months before and would for months afterwards.

People like predictable, mindless, always-the-same. It's kinda pathetic, IMHO. MMO's are at their best when they do things like this and utterly upset the apple cart for a week or so.

Enjoy the mayhem the devs have created while it lasts, before the people who prefer to complain endlessly try to insure it never happens again.
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