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I load into the Fleet, and a whole bunch of people are standing at the load in spot, infecting everyone, who goes to the Fleet, and it cost 2k for the stim, to remove it for 6 hours. If this is a joke, it isn't funny, and its a little late, from april fools day.

I will not be paying, to play a game, that forces stupid stuff like this on players.

Please remove this, if you want to continue to have me, as a customer.

Some like it, but i think its completely out of line.

The players are the ones that are forcing you into this and costing you 2k not BW. Also hard to foresee everything that a player would do to just agravate others.

Now knowing this maybe BW should put in the game were someone infected cannot get on fleet or off the planet until they are cured. Something along the lines "Due to the rampant spread of the infection all ports leading off the planet are closed until you are clean of this infection".
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