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12.16.2011 , 09:18 PM | #1
I'm writing this to express my huge dissapointment at some of the digital items featured in the Digital Deluxe version of the game, today I recieved my code and claimed them.


Holocam - This is an item I can put in a hotbar slot and click to take a screenshot, how is this worth money when there is a perfectly functiional Prnt Scrn Key for everyone to use already?

Training Droid - This is an item I can send to circle a humanoid enemy, it doesn't actually do any damage and requires a couple of seconds cast time during which the enemy is beating the crap out of me. What is the point of this?

The Flare Gun - Ok fair enough, shoots a flare like in the Hope Trailer.

Holo Dancer - like in the canteenas only its portable, no issue with this.

STAP - Apparently I will need a 40k credit license to drive this? Did I really pay for this so I have to grind to earn it? This shouldn't need the same license. There are no doubt better speeders in the game so this one should be freely available when I'm eligeable to use it. Just restrict me to only using this one until I pay for the license.


I'm a reasonable person, I wasn't expecting any major game advantages or unbalancing changes from the digital items, I've had digital items on pre order for WAR and EQ2 in the past and been quite happy with them, but all this collection of crap has done is left a bitter taste in my mouth.