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04.15.2012 , 04:30 PM | #1
okay, I'll try to ignore everyone that just responds to L2P but can anyone give me the top 5 tips for succeeding in hard mode flashpoints?

have tried Taral V which I think is the easiest mutliple times and have not finished. Droid problems, avoid red circles, keep him pointed at tank, spread out...pretty simple.

End boss.
Tank gaurdian, Healer sage, vanguard and commando. Wearing mostly cent gear with some champ and a few pieces of BM. Hitpoints range from 15.5 healer to 17.5 tank

We just can't get the guy down.....he eventually kills us with 6.5K shots (I assume enrage timer). tank goes in, keeps boss occupied, DPS take out turrets...perfect...everyone on boss. Next wave....adds coming in. DPS move to adds, boss goes silent...comes back and short while later....boom

When people fly through this stuff, I'm curious what exactly makes a team be able to do this properly? Does it ALL boil down to how effective the DPS are? Is it about finding the 'perfect sequence' to use as commando/vanguard (assault spec)

Just don't quite understand how to learn how to do this better. this boss is not complicated but we just don't seem to have the fire-power to get him down before he enrages.