Thread: Nerf Denova?
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04.15.2012 , 04:29 PM | #6
The first boss is hard, but it is doable if everyone pays attention to the tank swaps and stays out of the avoidable damage. My guild did it on 16 man story mode with most people in columi / rakata and at least one person in columi and worse (he had a lvl 27 green item...).

We made sure the ranged dps stayed on Zorn, and stood far enough away from him to not get hit by his dots and stuff, while the melee stayed on Toth and only backed off when he did his berserk jump smash thing, as it hits a lot harder than the other jump smashes. When the red circles show up, you get out of them. The tanks switch every time Toth jumps to Zorn and debuffs the Zorn tank.

On story mode, Zorn and Toth require your tanks to be coordinated, your dps to know how to position, and everyone to know how to avoid the giant red circles. DPS is not even much of an issue.

On hard mode, it's pretty much the same, but DPS is much more of an issue, and bad positioning by dps is punished by instant death.

These fights don't need to be nerfed, people just need to get better at the game / get better gear.