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Dangerous way of trying to prove something.

Target dummies don't take circumstances in content (e.g. but not limited to operations) into account such as but not limited to player skill, raid buffs, debuffs on boss, AoE, movement, target switching, (partial) downtime due to range, utility, RNG (e.g. crit). To be fair, it does factor in relevant circumstances a sim would generally not such as UI lag (tho one could argue this is player skill which SimC does take into account).

To quote Elitistjerks shadow priest 4.3 FAQ:

Perfectly valid here, so you should take the parses with a huge grain of salt.

Besides, if a screenshot proves to you what a text quote does not then the obvious flaw is your misplaced trust in a screenshot. Newsflash: screenshots can be manipulated.

I'm far more interested in raw logs tho they'd require a log parser which is a complex piece of software. Target dummies are far too unreliable to provide any meaningful numbers.
No where in my post did I state training dummy logs. OP/FP logs will be the most beneficial.

Also it's not misplace trust in screenshots. It's misplace trust in my fellow man to make up numbers to prove what they want to prove. Yes screenshots can be doctored. But until there are sites like world of logs, then I'll take a screenshot over "OPs can do 1400 they are fine."

Now let's get back to posting parses. We can bicker in the other thread.
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