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The recent change made to Corso Riggs altered his Harpoon shot into an Illegal Jetpack. While the change was done in mind to the majority of Gunslingers wanting a ranged tank that doesnt pull to them, this change has now greatly impacted the Scoundrel community. As Scoundrels, we rely heavily on Melee range attacks so having a ranged pull was a great benefit as we have NO GAP CLOSER. This change now completely alters the interaction between player and mob as now our tanking companion rockets away from us, leaving us stranded and having to traverse terrain to get in range for damage.

Despite the numerous threads on the Scoundrel Forums (Which have not seen any moderator posts in months), this change went through. Here's why this change was not needed, unnecessary, and short sighted:

1. Smugglers already had a tanking companion that could rush close a gap (i.e. Bowdaar).

2. Gunslingers have a number of ways to lengthen the gap between themselves and mobs to allow their rush closer tank (Bowdaar) to get to range and taunt.

3. Scoundrels now have no determinable way to close the gap from range to melee other than a slow traverse of terrain. If the Scoundrel is slowed in any way, now energy and time must be spent dispelling this effect with Triage in order to get within range.

Bioware, you have done a great disservice to the Scoundrel community in the past (As evident by the quickly dissolving number of players in our AC). This is the only change that I could not shrug through as it completely alters the flow of PvE. Please consider returning back to Harpoon shot.
Now doesn't that just beat all..
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