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12.16.2011 , 08:47 PM | #1
Spent most of yesterday repeating this instance to be sure(-ish) as I could be.

The instance option #2 (when you let the captain live) Boss Sgt Balmora seems to be sharing its loot table the trash drops (gloves/boots). It barely drops the Warrior chest or the Operative Chest pieces.

Operationally, I'm not sure forcing people to make the light side choice to get Balmora just to have the chance at the Jugg/Marud chest piece is that great. I ran this instance enough to get 50 commendations so its been a second home to me.

I didnt want to spend all day in there, leveling up other peoples toons and gear for their ALTs and never see the drop for the Jugg chest.

Also, the pants for these sets are non-existent as well. at they intended to dorp from the security chief once inside the Brental Star? there are no chests apparent and the NPC only ever dropped credits as I saw.
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