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04.15.2012 , 02:21 AM | #1
There's SO much misinformation on here about how much DPS operatives can do, even in a vacuum situation(on dummies).

First of all, so many people are posting their supposed numbers but either aren't providing screenshot proof or aren't attacking the proper OPERATION test dummy. If you are attacking any other test dummy, you ARE NOT getting an accurate reading of how much DPS you are truly capable of.

Secondly, we have NOT seen proof that operatives are within 5% of Marauders like we are SUPPOSED to be. To claim that we have is 100% misinformation. Until an operative is posting proof that they are hitting the OPERATION dummy for 1500 DPS, then they ARE NOT doing within 5% of Marauders, because that's what marauders do.

I feel like this post is going to fall on deaf ears or instantly get trolled but if we, as a community of the operative class, want to improve and spread awareness of our state, we need to stop posting misinformation such as word of mouth reports of doing so and so amount of DPS with no proof to back it up and start getting accurate information out there so that IF we are too weak at DPS, we can start to pressure bioware to fix us and if we are FINE at DPS and really within 5% of marauders, that we can show that too.

Here's a example from the marauder forums:
This has screenshot proof of DPS vs the proper target dummies.

Compare it to this from our own forum:
Despite being 5 pages long with a dozen 'reports' of certain DPS, there's not a single screenshot to back any of it up and the numbers are ALL over the place.