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04.15.2012 , 01:39 AM | #12
My complaints about the new stuff from what I've seen so far (Toth & Zorn, the two tanks for Explosive Conflict Story and up to Sav-rak in LI HM) is that for the droid in LI, the Tank, mDPS, rDPS, Healer combination is damn near, if not totally, impossible. I finally cleared that droid today with 2 rDPS (mercenaries). I had them stack on me (Operative Healer) and whenever the Plasma Arc came up, I moved our camp. Our mDPS that we started with left voluntarily because we couldn't come up with a solution that would work.

The droid punishes melee DPS far too much, and while I don't have a problem with it if I have 2 rDPS...

Aside from that fight just being unfair, I've enjoyed actually working on content. Figuring out the strategy, tuning, and refining is something I haven't really done since WoW classic. So even though all I got out of my 1.2 experiences so far is hefty repair bills, I've been having fun, if being sometimes frustrated.