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04.14.2012 , 11:27 PM | #10
this could all be alleviated by making him target people outside of a 10 meter range with plasma bombs. And only targeting inside that range when here is no one outside to aim at.

Lets be completely honest. This is not a small upgrade in difficulty to the 4 man content. This is 4 man content that requires specific group makeup to even achieve it with a reasonable gear level. Can you do this with melee. yes. Will it punish you and force you to want to quit. Likely.

For example Driod:

1 tank 2 ranged 1 healer = ranged and healer run around the boss avoiding bombs. Tank interrupt incinerate.

1 tank 2 melee 1 healer = 2 melee maintain an interrupt rotation the entire fight, healer prays they dont mess up, no one to dps adds bc if melee misses a single one. death

1 tank 1 ranged 1 melee 1 healer = don't bother. Cant do a rotation bc you don't have 3 interrupts. cant do the circle bc melee is gonna get the center blasted.

Is this hard content? No this is content tuned to a specific makeup that alienates half the player base.