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04.14.2012 , 10:46 PM | #397
Some of this will be repeat information but I've spent the day going after these things in between PvP and this is what I've gotten:

Alderan Orokeet from under the broken bridges. Spawns every 4 hours on the dot. Once you grab the egg you take it to Tattooine and get the moisture parts, then go to the czerka shack, stand between the solar panels, and click on the egg in your inventory.

1 of the Tauntauns (the Taunling) can get dropped by Gargath. I got it on our first try. We beat him with 8, 2 heals, 2 tanks, the rest DPS. Tried it later, a second time (4-5 hour boss respawn, I think) and did it with 2 heals, 1 tank, 3 DPS. All 50's with 125+ gear. That time he dropped the schematic for the Ice Scrabbler Jerky, but no pet. So now I'm sending the schem off to a a friend with biochem and searching Hoth for where to take the jerky once I've got it made.

Going to check Ilum to see if I can find where the Ice Scrabbler Liver drops - will post again when I find either of those two things. If you know where either of those are, please post.