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04.14.2012 , 09:09 PM | #6
I loved the FP on hardmode, was a lot of fun. Fights were tough, but not as bad as some reports made them out to be. All in all, I think Lost Island is very well done.

But I agree with the OP, 1 Tionese Commendation is a rather poor reward, especially since all the bosses are dropping Columi and the last boss drops Rakata. So, if you keep getting unlucky you will eventually get enough Tionese commendations to buy gear that is a step below what you get in the FP. That is a poor reward, IMO.

I would be happy if it dropped 2 Columi Commendations on HM and 1 Columi on SM. And I do not think that would cause any problems with giving out gear too fast. This FP is not easy.