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I did a search and didn't see anything like this (a few specific wants but nothing to list everything). Personally I need cousins. Ally doesn't quite do that for me. I want to keep Ally of course, but I would like cousins added.

I don't have a need for it, but I could see where "Adopted Sibling" would be nice. I've seen people asking for the ability to add NPC's as spouses. Which would be cool, but why not also be able to add them as "Adopted Siblings". Or another way would be to have a blank tree object you could set as "Parent" and then you already have adopted sibling(false parent set with adopted child). I mean what Consular wouldn't want Qyzen Fess as a brother? Or Bounty Hunter with Mako as your adopted little sister? And now I want it.

Are there any other PC/NPC combinations people would like to see?

Edit: Problem. If one character has two siblings they can't also have an Ally. That needs to be fixed.
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