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wait IA's assemble and lead an army? Save royal families and diplomats, and uncover sleeper agents? Cause Jedi Consular Chapters 2 and 3 are white knuckle rides.

And Smuggler missions have hilarious dialogue, and quirky companions.
Imperial Agent saves the entire galaxy from a shadow syndicate that's trying to eliminate both sides. So yeah, I believe that tops building an army or saving the odd diplomat/royal here and there. Just finished the IA Chapter 3, in fact. If you are an espionage fan AT ALL, then you owe it to yourself to play through it. James Bond? Check. Jack Bauer? Check. Jason Bourne? Check. Jim Phelps? Check. The story combines elements from all these franchises while still staying original and fitting well into the Star Wars universe.

Peter Graves' original version of Phelps, NOT John Voight. Ugh... Why did Tom [BLEEPING] Cruise have to go and mess up that franchise? /facepalm
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