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Light sided Sith could simply view the Empire as the only real way to have stability in the galaxy. I imagine that they would view the detachment practiced by the Jedi as counter-productive. How can one profess to guard and value anything, when they cherish nothing?

Light sided Sith would probably use righteous anger and justified hatred to, in their minds, do far more to protect the people of the Empire than the droid-like emotionless nonsense of the Jedi serving the corrupt republic.

There's far more to emotion than just hate and anger. Rather than being driven by ambition for power, a Sith could put his or her life on the line for the sake of brotherly love for his her her fellow citizen of the empire. At that point, seeking power is more just a means to an end and they would view their assuming leadership not as a right or privilege, but as a sacred duty.
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