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I have a Marauder, Juggernaut, Sorceress and Assassin. All of which are light sided. Some much more than others.

One of the ironies about playing light sided Sith, is that not only do the NPC's not like you - but the OTHER PLAYERS dont like you either!

It is actually kinda perfect that way. So you feel more at home playing a much hated light side Sith - as the other players disgust at you fits right into the story of playing a Sith who doesnt conform to the usual ways of a Sith.

Playing a dark side Sith, pretty much everyone ignores you and you become just one of the 'sheep'. One in the crowd so to speak.
My time card ends on December 5th. I have no intent to subscribe, let alone play, after i have completed all 9 episodes of KotFE. Likely i will subscribe for a single month to finish off the ''season'', play what remains and then say good bye to SWTOR until the END of the next season. Enjoy Bioware!