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Like many others here I am sure, before the patch I used to do solo BP runs with my lvl 50 for credits.

The run would take about 15 mins and would net about 35k to 40k. I ran it last night and was annoyed to find that it has been changed to prevent players from doing this any more. We can no longer use our speeders and the loot seems to have been drastically reduced. In one of the large chests for example - I looted a single grey junk-loot item - no credits or stims - just a single grey item.

I checked the patch notes and there was nothing about this.

Flashpoints and Operations

Boarding Party
Storm Squad's enrage timer in Hard Mode has been increased to 2.5 minutes.
Storm Squad can no longer be pulled out of the bridge area.

Now I know I can run dailies for credits but I preferred to get my credits this way - it was my choice. The game is already so linear and restrictive but this is another example of Bioware taking choice for players out of the game.

So please Bioware, change it back so we can use our speeders in this Flashpoint again and put the previous loot system back in place.
Wish I had known u could make that much from Boarding Party - Reg. I typically make about 100k per hour doing dailies X 4 level 50's. At your rate of 140-160k per hour I would've been much better off. Plus there's no chance of dying and can be done multiple times over and over.

Anyone else have any good money making lowbie dungeon run ideas for that kind of credit return?