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i probably don't get to play enough to get this nice little perk, but you know what? at least they aren't like blizz and say, "oh well, suck it up, we can do what we want, like it or not, you will play."

and while yes, i understand that there are things people will always complain about with any mmo, how can you really complain about being any class of your favorite char from star wars? i mean, really? this game is beautiful. my first mmo was wow, and before that, rpgs only. online gameplay was for super nerds. i played wow cause ozzy said to do so, i loved wow when i played. but tor has really made me love mmo's now.

bioware has a great game here, and even if you don't qualify for the 30 day perk, like i won't, don't be a raging fool. if you love the game, love it, if you hate it, wow or rift or w/e is ====> way. feel free to leave the fun to those of us who love it cause we're fans first, players in the story second. good night folks.
If only the majority of people adopted this guys attitude.

Kudos dude. Kudos.