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In the Mandalorian Raiders Flashpoint, there is no loot from the first two bosses. There is a chest, that looks like it should probably give loot, but you cannot interact with those chests.

Also worth mentioning, is that the first two bosses are probably overtuned, as are the trash pools that have big packs of wild beasts jump on you. Those bosses and trash pulls were significantly harder than the last boss. The last boss ended with everybody at full life and me, the healer, at full force. He probably needs to be more difficult.

Thanks for the amazing game,
Did you kite the bosses out of their respective rooms? Loot chests (in my experience) bug out only if you drag encounters out of their intended areas of fight

I enjoy the challenge but I very much doubt most pugs will be able to beat this flashpoint without massively overleveling it.
Yeah pugs can. I pugged it with 21 tank, 21 healer, 26 dps , 26 dps just now. Had prior knowledge of the fight though. People followed directions and marks, and it was fairly simple.

Game should be hard, not easy :P