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Hutt Observer
For Empire – This pet can be purchased from Nongta Collectors Edition vendor on Vaiken Spacedock – Upper Ring (Imperial Fleet) for 25,000 credits.

Interrogation Droid
This pet can be purchased from the Dark Side vendor (For Republic – Vindir located on the Republic Fleet Station) for 25,000 credits. Requires Dark Side Level III or above.

Little Sandcrawler
This pet can be purchased from the Light Side vendor for 25,000 credits (on the Republic Fleet Station – Mira Light Side Vendor (X:-4512, Y:-4764)). Requires Light Level III or above.

Minimech CE
This pet is part of the Collector’s Edition or Digital Copy version of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Mouse Droid
Available from the Security Key vendor for 25,000 credits (For Republic – Tamin Republic Fleet, For Empire – Toth Imperial Fleet Vaiken Spacedocks).

The Czerka Eye
For Empire – This pet can be purchased in the Dorn Base – Command Center on Hoth from Grady – Social Items vendor (X:-2639, Y:874) for 25,000 credits. Requires Social Level VII

MO-GUL Thrall Droid
Dropped off of Karagga the Unyielding in Karaggas Palace Operation.
[Assassins of Sion] - 50 Sith Juggernaut - Xodric - Lament Configuration
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