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Quote: Originally Posted by Gavin_Darkl View Post
my guild read this they all made the choice that they will cancel subscriptions.
a few that are near member cap. All their members too were debating to cancel their subs.

People raid to make themselves better with gear and as a player. This is not done SOLO. Solo Players can cry all they want about wanting RAID GEAR, they do not deserve it and have not earned it by SOLO Content. Its RAID GEAR for a reason. PEOPLE RAID FOR IT, NOT SOLO!

So if a game is anything like WoW, people have to whine and complain.
But if a game tries to do something Different than WoW or other games(Raiders = best gear), people have to whine and complain.

Did it ever occur to you whining about this that the main reason anyone would have to burn the Massive Hours on getting single pieces via the Hard Mode missions is to Wear that gear ON RAIDS?

Apply more than 2 brain cells for a moment. They get this by ?? Doing the non-raid content on HARD mode. What do they gain from the gear if they aren't going to raid? Making the missions even Less Interesting?

Stop whining that someone else might work LONGER and HARDER by themselves to get something you can get on the backs of your guildmates. Seriously.