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meh, i am still cancelling, as final exam week is upon me and i certainly don't have the time to get multiple characters that high within a single week.

sorry bioware but it is completely offensive to me that in return for paying you guys a sub fee every month since release, i am expected to help subsidize you guys throwing free game time at hundreds of thousands of other players. nope just not gonna happen, so good bye.
Really!? Again proves what I said in the other thread.. You are obviously one of those people that just wont be happy no matter what they do. Its not their responsibility to give you a break because YOU are going to college and have finals.

You are also not the only person doing this. I know many people playing the game going to college and still managing to play.. and they score well. 2 of which are on Deans list every year.

Obviously you really just don't like the game and are trying to find something to blame it on. Good luck on your finals though.