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04.13.2012 , 05:30 PM | #105
I posted this in a now locked thread as I hadn't seen this discussion, so here's my tuppence worth...

Just saw the latest on the 30 day thing & felt I'd chuck in a comment.

I don't have a lvl 50, in fact my highest toon is only lvl 20 - I've been trying out all the different classes etc since go live & play the game recreationally, not religiously.

As a result, I get no reward, despite being a loyal customer since December.
I have RL responsibilities as I'm sure a large chunk of the player base do, so I play *maybe* an hour or two every day - or other day.

I'm not angry about it, why waste the effort - what's done is done.

But for my 2 cents, the veteran rewards system from SWG was a far better way to appease the masses. (maybe something for further down the line?)

The latest news about "legacy lvl 6" just strikes me as further kicking the casual players when they are down, and I completely understand their frustrations.

They should have taken the hit & given it to everyone.