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Thank you very much. Before I start my Agent I would just like one person to give a decent response about the Warrior.
I play a 50 jugg and I honestly love the story. I played as DS and i thought it went great with the story. (Heard good things for LS too tho). But Your pretty much your this new up n comer apprentice. You use whatever you can to climb the ranks, which actually let you feel like a Sith because you get to deceive people. But your guy is also super strong and people kinda treat you all nice. The way your dealings with your Masters is done pretty well. The first Ch. set a good tone for me, cuz it was pretty ******. 2-3 build up to a good ending.

I really enjoyed the Warrior story and I also heard really good things from Agent story, so I'd say give both a quick try n pick from there.