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Agent is far and away the best story, although its less "epic" and more "OMG WAT". It doesn't really pick up till the end of chapter 1 though.... but chapter 2 is the best chapter of any class in the game, imo. Best played Grey leaning light (my opinion of coarse, and yes i have played through it three times, dark/light/grey). Starting out as a super idealistic dude, and slipping farther and farther into a hate/rage works too.

The sith war is pretty epic, in the same way a Hulk movie is epic. Many things go smash.

Consular story is awesome. Oh wait, i meant bland. While I liked playing it as a lightsider (as a jedi should be >_>), it sort of lead me to resent the jedi council by the end of chapter 1.

Trooper story is fairly epic, in a Mass Effect sort of way. The tag for it could be "Build a squad; Kill some dudes.....and then kill some more dudes."

I forgot the SI, which is a pretty ballar story. Mainly because Talos is a bro. The broest of bros. I actually miss him when I play other characters, not something I do for other companions.