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04.13.2012 , 03:49 PM | #2
What i liked wasn't that it was difficult (It wasn't, really), it was the TYPE of difficulty.

I could go and write a game right now where everything has 100000000 hit points, kill anyone in one hit, and you do 1 damage a hit. That would be "difficult". It wouldn't be fun.

The 1.1 content, save for 1-2 fights, were all like that (but not really hard, obviously).

The new content isn't really hard so much as it actually requires you to look at the screen and do a bunch of fun little mechanics. Thats actually fun, regardless of difficulty.

The only sad part is that to experience that content, people need some basic gears, and they have to go through the "boring number check content" first, so they won't get to experience the fun stuff and may just quit.

If they will already start upping the gear requirements to access anything beyond 2 operations, and the only really fun flashpoint, then they need to redesign the lower end content to be as fun as the new stuff so people stay interested.