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Quote: Originally Posted by APeckenpaugh View Post
The only fair, honest, and logical way to give free respecs is to base them on technical necessity.
That's a very logical train of thought that is almost entirely tangential to the issue at hand and all too capable of upsetting your customers more than they already are. Well done. You're an engineer aren't you?

Between your posts and GZ's posts I'm willing to bet that the only reason the entirety of the SWTOR Community Management team hasn't already died of blood alcohol poisoning must either be A) an inability to comprehend written English, B) gross incompetence, or C) unusually high alcohol tolerance, or D) some combination of the above.

A slightly less logical idea, that doesn't aggravate customers whom you've already irritated, might be to recognize that a certain significant fraction of customers will be annoyed by any tweaks to their class and give free respecs to all players affected by any change to their class at all. I cannot imagine it costing your guys too much in the way of effort and, while it might not gain you any good will, it certainly wouldn't increase your net ill will at all either.

Something to think about.