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So I'm wondering what peoples DPS on the fleet droids is. So sit there and wack at the fleet droid for a few minutes and say what your dps is.

Approx gear level and type?

Of course there's going to be a lot of variables and most of this data will probably end up being useless but it could be interesting
Based on some initial testing (3+ 5 min cycles per spec) on lv 50 non-Ops, non-WZ dummy...

Unnatural Might
Rakata Might Stim
Rakata Power Adrenal

Columi main (pow/surge enhancement)/off/head/body/hands/legs/feet(pow/surge)/bracer
Tionese belt
Rakata ear
Hawkeye Nano-Optic Might Package x2 w/ STR augs
Matrix Cube
Champ power relic (wtb daily comms)

Annihilation (31/7/3, strongly considering replacing 2 points in Malice with 2 points in Ravager... would drop Defensive Roll but very useful for PVE HMs)
Carnage (5/34/2)

No adrenal/relic:
Annihilation - 1350-1400 DPS
Carnage - 1150-1250 DPS

Adrenal/relic/1 bloodthirst:
Annihilation - 1450-1500 DPS
Carnage - 1200-1350 DPS

I will readily admit that I am not as practiced with Carnage spec, and can probably do more to optimize gear/spec/priority to squeak out more DPS. That said, I think the numbers will be closer in actual encounters depending on the situation and melee uptime. With lower uptime, Annihilation will pull away by miles (with 100% uptime, 37-40% of damage comes from bleeds, and that is "safer" damage as uptime drops, since applying and maintaining bleeds isn't as time-sensitive as Gore window). With higher uptime, Carnage can exploit Gore to burst like crazy, especially on tougher targets.