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Turn all your graphics down to low

I've had it happen mainly due to overheating on the graphics card
I'll try that. Even though it's never happened before. It just started happening yesterday. Thanks

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Yes, and also check the cables on the inside of your PC. Make sure your GPU's fan's getting power. Sometimes stuff might come loose for whatever reason. Also, it's possible that your power supply may be underpowered.
All cables are in tact - I checked when I was cleaning my CPU.
If it was the cables the computer would turn off even when the game isn't running (which is not the case)

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You'll get shut offs due to not enough power for your graphics, i.e. a graphics card will need 150 watts when your PSU can only push 200 causing the overload protection to kick in. The only time overheating will affect it is if you are going above the TJMax which is usually above 100 degrees C for GPU's and around 90 for CPU's.
I have been considering that but here is what my specs are:

CPU: Intel 2 Core Quad q6700
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6850
PSU: Corsair HX650W

I don't see a reason why it would start overheating all of the sudden :/
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