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This mentality is exactly what I am talking about. I don't understand how people can really compare or expect an operatives DPS to be exactly the same or higher than a class like a marauder. The Marauder class has one purpose, to DPS. Operatives on the other hand can if needed help top off a tank, or throw a heal or two if everyone is taking burst AOE damage, while marauders cannot, same goes for snipers. You cannot realistically compare a pure DPS class to a hybrid and expect the pure damage numbers to be equal, how would that be fair for people that play Marauders or Snipers? As for assassins...given that both players are playing at the same skill level, the DPS increase that I have been seeing were minimal at best between an operative and an assassin.

You don't seem to understand class balance.

If one class is vastly superior to another in a phase of the game, the inferior class gets chalked up as useless.

This is pertinent when you start talking about thinks like enrage timers or dps races.

You would not want to bring an inferior dps to an encounter where there are certain requirements to meet. And if you meet the requirements, the superior class is also prefered because it allows for room for error.

This happens in every MMO, and SWTOR is not some abnormality from this formula. If classes cannot be competitive, they are not viable.