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Yeah, it's hard to compare to characters with different gear. But I recall as a fresh 50 operative my damage was really crappy (all of us were in my guild, we couldn't beat enrage timers in our first HMs) but in a weak of gearing the difference was huge.

The worst part about Lethality is trying to keep an eye on those TINY LITTLE DOT ICONS.

What I would give for the new UI customization to allow resizing of just certain buff/debuff icons.

I've also never really been clear on whether Lethality benefits from more Accuracy than Concealment or not.

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Maybe if you're competing against yourself it isn't so bad.

Throw in a marauder or assassin into the mix, you become an injured horse in that race.

You know what they do to injured horses? They put them down for good.
Good thing I'm a person among friends in a guild and not a race horse
We learnd a long time ago that you benefit more from bringing the player rather than the class.

We haven't had issues beating enrage timers in HM/NMM so there's no need to be picky.
However, I am personally sensitive about my own damage so I'll make changes where necessary, even if my guild never would.
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