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So with the release of the combat logging system with 1.2, one of the first things I did was install a combat log parser and start fiddling with my DPS rotation.

I tried both Lethality and Concealment specs.

On both specs, the highest percentage of my damage was coming from poison damage, so keeping up your corrosive dart and acid blade / corrosive grenade is essential.

The specs I was using may need some tweaking, but overall I find them to be pretty sound.


Overall, I found that believe it or not, I was getting higher DPS from concealment. Keep in mind that all of these numbers are coming from the operation level training dummy on fleet. As such you have to remember that this is the "optimal" situation where I am not being targeted by anything, having to move out form behind the boss or having to chase down adds or anything like that.

for concealment I was averaging about 1400 dps. It would spike to over 1500 when I had adrenals / damage trinkets popped. I played with the power trinket and the critical / surge one, but ultimately I was getting higher DPS with my matrix cube and energy damage on hit relic. I currently have rull Rakata enforcer gear, and have removed the non-essential enhancements that were putting me way above the accuracy soft cap. I replaced these with the enhancement from sith warrior main hand / off hand rakata pieces which give endurance, critical and surge.

I was using the following rotation.

1.) Hidden Strike - I would always open up with Hidden Strike if available. Always used with Acid Blade
2.) Rifle Shot - If I was getting close to 60-70% energy.
3.) Shiv - for Stim Boost and to get TA stacks for the damage buff.
4.) Stim Boost - Keep this refreshed at all times, try not to refresh it with more than 1-2 second remaining.
5.) Backstab - Always use this with Acid Blade. There is a DPS increase when allowing the damage of acid blade's poison to finish when used with the initial Hidden Strike rather than re-applying immediately with Acid Blade / Backstab. Since it just refreshes and you lose out on additional damage ticks.
6.) Corrosive Dart - Keep this up at all times.
7.) Shiv - to maintain TA stacks and for Laceration.
8.) Laceration - Do not, do not, do not use this if you do not have a poison effect on the target.

Lethality was still pretty good, and it was a little bit more forgiving. Due to IA's having a high critical strike rating you are not normally deprived of energy when speccing lethality, whereas if you are running concealment if you make to many mistakes in your DPS rotation, you can very quickly become overzealous with your lacerations and find yourself running dry on energy.

Lethality was pulling a pretty steady 1275-1300 DPS with the following rotation.

1.) Shiv - to proc my initial TA
2.) Stim Boost - always keeping this refreshed and trying not to refresh with more than 1-2 seconds remaining.
3.) Rifle Shot - If I was getting close to 60-70% energy
4.) Weakening Blast - Keep this refreshed as much as possible, but when culling I would notice the stacks would often fall off faster than the cooldown would refresh
5.) Corrosive Dart - Keep this refreshed
6.) Corrosive Grenade - Same as Dart
7.) Shiv - To maintain the damage buff from TA or to Cull
8.) Cull - Make sure you have both poisons and Weaking Blast up before using Cull, also try not to use up your last TA using Cull unless your shiv is coming off cooldown and you have the energy level to use Cull x 2 and another Shiv.

So while I was not amazed by the DPS numbers by any means, I am sure there are ways I can improve up on my decision making when it comes to skill priority, but I believe that this does go to show that operatives are a legitimate source of DPS in raids and should not be overlooked. While snipers in my guild were getting slightly higher DPS, maybe 100 more, I don't remember all of the numbers I was getting from different people in my guild last night.

Ultimately, the operative class is easy to play difficult to master, and I believe that with the proper skill rotation, cooldown management and stat distribution, that a lot of the operative I see complaining on the forums can improve. Making them feel less slighted by bioware when it comes to their class and DPS'ing and instead work on improving their play so that they can perform optimally and achieve the highest DPS results possible. I will continue to gather more pertinent DPS information when we finish clearing the new operation and put together a more in-depth analysis here as well as on the forums.

Anyone else have any numbers that they have pulled from their DPS meters so we can check for consistency? I am currently using the MOX damage parser that can be found here.