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04.13.2012 , 11:56 AM | #245
I would que for dungens if they had a lfg tool, I'd prefer a cross server ones since my server pop is very very low. Until then I will not waste time lfg'ing in chat, not with so much to do soloing. My chat window is at it's minimum sizing and font I don't notice any chat. If your not in my vent I don't notice you nor need to. Rifts has a very good system for just about anything and it would be this games best interest to start taking leasons from Rifts if it wants to survive. They research and implement all the good stuff from other mmo's into thier game. I stay with swtor because I like starwars and I'm bored with the old D&D look of mmo's. People need to stop the "qq'ing" and get with the times. Your community will not be any differant with/without such tools in the game. Only differance is you would get more people doing more things that would include you.