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Oh and the decline in subscription can be tracked back to when Dungeon finder where released. people left in droves and other games have come out which have lured even more people away with the promise of better communities and new experiences to try out.
Sorry, but that's just not true. Cross-Server Dungeon Finder came in patch 3.3.0 released on December 8, 2009 ( Subscription numbers had peaked in early 2009 at 12 million and were in slow but steady decline at the year's end. Cross-Server Dungeon Finder didn't cause people to leave in droves, quite the opposite:

The release of patch 3.3.0 and Cross-Server Dungeon Finder caused WoW's subscription numbers to peak AGAIN at 12 million! It bought Blizzard almost a year of no loss of total subscribers. It's an astonishing achievement for such a deceptively simple feature.

Here's some pretty graphs made from datapoints collected over the years so you can see for yourself:

Nowadays WoW is well past its growth phase, so Blizzard is removing all the barriers-to-reentry they can. All new MMOs are going to have LFG systems with very few arbitrary restrictions. Is SWTOR going to remain the odd one out in preventing their whole community from playing together for no good reason?