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Actually, discounts are usually given so you want just get up and walk out. Doesn't make me the jerk, it makes them honest for realizing I've been waiting for my food much longer then they deem acceptable. But I guess you still leave a tip, even after asking for water 3 times, eh? Many times I've actually had discount applied to my bill, with out having to say a word. They know dam well that service was unacceptable. Again, the smart owners of restaurants get that. And trust me, not a single staff or manager looks at customers that ask for a discount for failed service as jerks. Your actually the jerk for even thinking that. So go ahead, sit there for 3 hours waiting for your food, get up and walk out, or eat for free. They waste my time, your darn right I'll waste their money. Or is it my fault my food took 4x longer to get? Do you often blame the victim for being punched in the face?
I'm just curious if you complain that you can't get your table because the "restaurant" is full and all the tables or occupied. Or do you still blame the restaurant for being popular that they are full.