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People want their **** to come out as cash, but it doesn't happen.

A 100% success rate is extremely boring in my book. I in no way wanted this change, but I'm at least glad there is still a chance at an off drop.

The expectations you had were your own and their derivations have nothing to do with BW. Calling this a dishonest business practice is a huge stretch.
the reason they were ment to change it is basicly we ran NM mode karaga since we first had an 8 man squad.

and the best thing we get every week is the 2xspeeder from kragga this is happening a lot

every week the same loot drops for a class we dont have, all our smuggler companions are full rekata geared where as most of the raid have 1 bit each if lucky however not a single main hand drop, however i have 3 smugglar rakata MH and 3 off hands in my bag