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If that is the case, it is deliberately misleading. People wanted a guarantee that the columi item drop would be usable by one of the classes present in the group. For Bioware to make a change and specifically note it in the patch notes and then not deliver on expectations is dishonest. If this is how they're going to conduct business, then they need to do away with the ambiguous language in the patch notes and state exactly what they're doing.

I don't personally think they're dishonest, I think they just screwed up and missed a bug in the system.
People want their **** to come out as cash, but it doesn't happen.

A 100% success rate is extremely boring in my book. I in no way wanted this change, but I'm at least glad there is still a chance at an off drop.

The expectations you had were your own and their derivations have nothing to do with BW. Calling this a dishonest business practice is a huge stretch.