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It can be (at times) difficult to problem solve with the same DPS. Sometimes you think a mechanic happens at X% but it could simply be that DPS does not change, giving you the erroneous idea that it's either i) bugged or ii) that it's a mechanic that always occur at X health levels.

From reading on the forums, some people report this "mechanic" occurring anywhere from 20 - 25%. I saw it in one run at about 18-19%. These varied numbers lead me to believe that it's an enrage.

IFF the reports all agreed on X% when it occurred, you can reason that it was a mechanic that always occurs. But because this is not the case, I'd lodge my bets on it being a soft enrage.
You are not suppose to beat the enrage timer, it is as fast as it is on purpose, just save your cool-downs for then and no fight is too hard.

Many classes have abilities that are
A: usable at only a low %,
B: increase damage to enemies under a %,
or C: have other abilities that you can use at any time to increase output