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04.13.2012 , 09:54 AM | #36
This droid fight reminds me of the Batman Inner Sanctum final boss on DCUO where you fight the Brainiac computer that spawns adds and aoe. The mechanics of the fight weren't difficult to figure out, but there was so much chaos going on that it felt like a crap shoot at times on beating the thing.

This boss (the L-whatever Sentinel) is definitely beatable, and I realize it's new content and tuned to be harder, but he drops Columi gear. It seems disconnected that we can farm EV HM and then come in here and get tossed around for some gear none of us need.

Relative to the rewards, I do think he's too difficult.

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People are having trouble with Lost Island HM, not because it's overtuned, but fights with mechanics is something that, until 1.2, was entirely foreign to TOR. Once you get used to fights that aren't faceroll, learn the mechanics, it's really not that bad.
I'm hoping this really is the case, but judging by some of the spike damage I was seeing last night, I'm apprehensive to say this is the complete case. Some of these fights are really unforgiving, and again, that seems overtuned in lieu of the rewards.