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Questions for discussion:

So what does everyone else think?
Are we whining about the trash too much on story mode?
Did anyone else experience something much harder/easier?
Did anyone attempt hard mode and have different thoughts (the 16 man guild from our server didn't down the first boss last night)?
What are your own impressions?

So my perspective is a little bit different. My guild that does not have the nightmare titles, but is at least 10/10 hardmode. We would certainly label ourselves as casual. We went into the new op, story mode, in almost all Rakata, and did look up strategies. Overall, it was definitely very challenging compared to the last tier (especially for story mode). We managed to clear the first two bosses on 8 man after a fair number of tries each. We did not attempt the third as we ran out of time.

Running to the tanks was indeed a bit annoying, especially since we did wipe a couple times. Usually it was because 'oops, one of those blue things dropped where the shield is' or 'oops, someone is aoe'ing the shield generator unintentionally. A speeder would be nice, but it wasn't the end of the world since you can mount up.

There was a fair amount of trash, but it wasn't too bad. I would be a lot more forgiving if it occasionally dropped schematics for things like Exotech stims in the last tier. But, since everything is acquired via RE, no drops = a little boring.

Overall, we really loved the new operation. Nice and challenging. Interesting mechanics. We look forward to finishing the last two bosses tonight and then trying hard mode.