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No, the knight has the most 'epic' storyline, as it's basically KOTOR3. You should probably keep playing it if that is what you enjoy.
+1, I will keep playing him as my main. I just want to break it up some.

Thank you everyone for your help, I will probably start playing my Agent after I get to 50 on my Knight.

Any recommendations about the Sith Warrior?
Jedi Covenant, The <Damaris> Legacy
Arrick-Guardian (50) / Barrus-Powertech (50) / Brevus-Commando (33)
Krystah-Sniper (50) / Morzar-Marauder (50) / Renik-Scoundrel (33)
Sylysa-Shadow (50) / Valery-Sorceror (33)