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We're having issues with the Archives deciding to

a) Either cut off after a certain number of fights
b) Numbers are REALLY weird--like a sorc doing 100 dps on a fight.
Compiling and archiving fights is unfortunately rather difficult. It is probably the most complicated aspect of this tool. Admittedly, it isn't working 100% correctly at the moment. There are definitely some known issues I'm aware of:

- Dying and/or vanishing mid-fight is still causing some problems.
- Archiving is not working when the raid/group completely wipes.
- Conflicting data is getting attributed to the wrong fights occasionally. (if a single raid member engages an enemy alone for example)

As I mentioned in my previous post, performance is #1 for now, but fixing archiving is a major task still on my list. Hopefully, I'll be able to improve it wth more time and testing. Thanks for the feedback.
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