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May I suggest a few enhancements that would IMHO eventually make this tool indespensable to everyone? ...
Thanks for the feedback, a lot of the ideas you mentioned are already on my mind. The last few days I've been pretty heavily focused on performance improvements to be able to handle an influx of new users now that 1.2 is live. For the near future, this is probably going to continue to be my focus. Keeping the tool up and running for everyone is my #1 priority, but I will probably sneak in some small fixes here and there. One point you mentioned specifically:

Quote: Originally Posted by Feoktist View Post
- Please make the parser handle the logs offline. Right now it seems the only way is to send the files to the server, but offline would be better.
So, the log files are parsed locally on your machine. When you run the tool in solo mode, you are not hitting my server for anything. Anytime you press "Start" instead of "Sync to Raid" it will parse and display the stats of your current (or most recent) log file. For now, there isn't a way to point to a specific file, but you could manipulate it for this effect. Simply create an empty directory (within the CombatLogs folder is fine), copy the file you want to parse into that empty folder, then point the tool at that new folder and hit Start. Since its the only file in that directory, it will parse that one. That work around may be useful to you for now, hope that helps. Thanks again for using my tool.
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