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Yeah, me too. If they don't sell well on my server, it's going to be such a waste lol. Let me know if you have any luck finding the formations. I'm going to give it another go tomorrow and will post whatever i find ( or don't find which may very well be the case) here.
It wont sell well. because allmost everyone hates the color of the magenta crystals.
what most people wanted was purple,a nd back in the day magenta wa steh closest to it. Now that are purples... you can gess.
however happens taht i like the color i already crafted a few for my alts, and thus for this interest me as well. I have a 400 artifice toon

so bioware made a +41 stat magenta crystal schematic, which is better than the +32 schematic from the belsavis/hoth world bosses and they added lower grade schematics +25 and less that require the magenta crystal from alderean to craft.

so for bis alderean magenta crystal is a waste of time.
yeah specialy when you need a 50 to get to ilum to beat the force ghost champion.
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