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04.13.2012 , 06:49 AM | #8
As people stated above, you should pick the options based on your own personal standpoints, helping the empire in this instance, DS options generally involve personal progress, killing needlessly, and being...well...evil....though not all options reflect this.

An example being that at a certain point within the Imperial Agent Story, You have two options, one light, and one dark....BUT the choice isn't a pure good/evil one, its more a "Do this, so I can do this, resulting in this." or "Do this, then this happens, leading to that." the DS option leads to plenty of that good ol' death, yet in the end the decision ends up "Better" (IMO), than picking the light, even if I took a hit from my more or less Good Agent, it fit better to my ideals, and reasons. Plus saying "Or how about I shoot you in the face" is always fun, no matter the alignment picked =P