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what gear is droping from the new HM? is it worth a full rakata going in? i will prolly try getting a group this weekend as i think the story is great (reminds me of resident evil lol)
Other than story - only reason you'll want to go in, is for the weekly quest to get Black Hole comms. Otherwise all main bosses drop Columi with Tionese crystals form mini-bosses, and finaly boss drops Rakata. (I got chest-piece, I dont know if its random Rakata or always chest)

Also regarding its tuning. The first boss is tricky - the rest are fine. But having said that, I dont think it needs to be nerfed, I think once people play around a bit more - certain strategies will be shown to work better than others. And those so called tactics will then become the norm used by most groups (depending on composition).

You ask why you should be punished for your group setup - I say it's not punishment, you just have to find what works for you. This is a 2nd Tier HM Flashpoint. So it should be harder than the other HM FP's as it yields greater reward.

I understand this should be PuGable etc, and that it's just a HM FP, so it should cater to casuals. But I've been a hardcore raider and a social/casual player. Being casual doesnt mean being bad. A decent, not even great (I dont consider myself amazing and I beat it) group should get this down after a handful of attempts once strategies have been compared etc.
If you want the content to cater to bad people...thats a different story all together. The whole point of these encounters is to challenge us. People dont get better by beating the same easy bosses.