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IMHO you should pick choices that fit the views of what your character should do. It really annoys me when people intentionally pick DS or LS options just to get titles or gear, that destroys the whole purpose of the system. For example, I would pick the Empire over credits because, frankly, I'm not a smuggler, and that is what I think my character would do.
Apart from your argument, I noticed that the SI earns much less DS points than the SW. A good friend and I play a SI (me) and a SW (him) parallel. We both choose DS options when offered because frankly, weak scum doesn't deserve to live
We are lvl 38 at the end of Taris. I think the SW reached Dark IV already on Alderaan, while my SI didn't even reach 6k DS points yet (6750 are required for Dark IV).

Of course it is just some sort of title-thingy, but nevertheless I wonder...