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04.13.2012 , 06:24 AM | #17
I kept trying LR-5 Sentinel for somewhat 3 hours. We had quite a good group, but on HM it's impossible.

I got full Columi with 4 Rakata items.

The setting we had was:
SI Assassin (tank)
SI Assassin (DPS)
SI Sorcerror (DPS)
BH Mercenary (Healer, which was me)

I can easily keep them alive, that's not the problem. We even figured out the tactics ourselves, but at 26% we keep dying. For some reason he gets a buff which tells us that he "Lost control over the machines". So the Lighting Bolts on the floor are being placed as big ones without a warning. The Lava from the floor goes on all Platforms. So pretty much, we aren't save on any spot.
We kited him very well, and I can Cure the tank as soon as he got a Incinerate DOT.

-The way we were kiting was as following:
The ranged stand on the middle platform, while the tank brings the boss to one of the side platforms (where the adds come from). When we get a Lighting Charge on our spot, we move to them, but we stay behind the boss. After a second Lightning Charge he moves the boss to the top or bottom platform. Again we repeat the same thing, when there are 2 charges, we move to the next platform. And when the middle one is free, the ranged stand on that one.
But when on 30% or so, we cant stand anywhere.

I'd give a vote to Downtune him a bit. Makes the damage from the Lava less, or the Lightning Charges not so big. I don't know.
I got the stuff, if you got the credits. If not, beat it kid!